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Love one another by Bob Ewing.

"The View from Space", a Haiku
The Earth from above,Looks pretty, so far away…Space makes it better.
(Starring the great Vance Osterhout of!)
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Anonymous asked:

did you ever study art in school? because i feel like i should love art class but i dont. did you like it? is it possible to be good at art even if youre not good at art in school?



nah mate I couldn’t stick art at school I remember one particular lesson when I was 17? ish just crying because I had to draw this old man’s foot with charcoal and it just looked like a dead fish on acid. I think it’s good in the sense of pushing yourself to accomplish tasks you didn’t think you could, learning of new techniques and having access to equipment like lithograph/screen printing  etc. BUT it is by no means the only way to love art, and often it can be really restrictive and boring if you have a crappy teacher/course. Everyone’s different, so go with your gut on this

Being mentally ill is so much fun.

Sadness works in funny ways, one thing, something so small and shit. Escalates into something bigger, a problem that makes your head think twice. 
"I can’t be this person again?"
"Shit have I always been this person?"
"Shit. Shit shit shit shit shit."
"I obviously never changed"

It managed to tear her apart, night after night, day after day.
Sunshine and happy days are rare now. 

Sad darkness strikes again,
welcome back old friend. 

She thought this could never happen again
Depression works in funny ways. It always escalates into something bigger.

Welcome fucking back old friend.

Living in the dark would be better than this.

In the past couple of months, I’ve truly opened my eyes. 

This is life. This is reality. This is society. 
Bring me nature. Bring me the people. 
Let’s all be together as one. Back to the roots.
Peace, love and cure. 


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